Solovair Camouflage on AIR 


Snorkel / Deckjacket / SNODECK
Jorge from Ecuador was the person we asked to try as hard as he can guess he did as you can see and as we live and design all the stuff in munich we try to test the gear around town.
Waterproof ( only from the outside ;-) and very comfortable to move and twist in the waves he could work out a 360 as well.

Sneak Preview 
Solovair Camouflage Chelsea  

Short Trench 

Men - Women - W´lfg´ng


selected retailers 

The Solovair Chelsea Boot 

Comfort first 

MAN 1924 

Tailored Casual from Bilbao 

Kenedy Style 


The Full Range Monkey Boots 
Good Year Welted and Heat Sealed Made in England 
The AIR SOLE gives you almost a Sneaker Comfort with a Boot Feeling.


The perfect link between Boots and Sneakers 

The Women Trenchcoat from W'lfg'ng 

Lisa Nowinski will make a unique Piece next weeks 

Coming soon Man1924 

Ready to Wear 


made with Grenfell cloth. 

See You at Pitti Uomo 

Grenfell 1923 

The Golfer Jacket 

The Wolfgang Mac ready to wear 

Thanks to Rico from Uwe van Afferden Vest and Shirt Bevilacqua