No Words - Spiewak - Filson - Red Wing 

First Run 15 march limited 88 pairs only 

Dear all I am very proud to show very soon the Dukes Collection with the Theme of the Samurai, even better that I have seen the Exhibition last year december in NY - Metropolitan Museum. 

Aki the Red Wing Shoe designer painting the belt at the BBB Pop up store

Good Stuff for Winter - Red Wing - Speiwak - Red Wing 

We always start with an idea ... 

Selected People at BBB 


BBB Berlin Show Red Wing and Filson - Dukes - Spiewak ... 

Cool Hit at the - Daniel 14 oz  with the products 

Hard Work at the BBB guess so ... 

They call up there friend to come over ;-)

It is getting busy!!

It is getting busy!!

The Bread and Butter Berlin - Filson Watch Dog 


Bread and Butter Berlin - soon the new stuff from Berlin 

Pitti Uomo - Nigel Cabourn - best show ever 

Florenz Pitti Uomo the day before Pitti Uomo. 

Italian Breakfast thats why you skip the coffee from Lufthansa

Red Wing Lace to Toe in the park 

The Best and they are from Prato

See You at Pitti and BBB - New 2010 Gilded Age Collection and Red Wing Shoes 

See You at Pitti