Out of the blue 

Red Wing and Nigel Cabourn Everest Parka 

Red Wing Canvas /  Leather Boots 


Peter Plotnicki is a true admirer of authentic products and does not bend to short-lived trends. This collection is a monument to his beliefs: All tops are based on authentic clothing - sometimes slightly modified, sometimes copied from the original piece down to the last seam.
He also sets great store by the label "Made in Germany". Not only the trimming's cotton fabrics, buttons, hangtags, and packaging are German-made, even the woven tags are designed with an intricate eye for detail.
Merz b. Schwanen, made in Germany therefore stands for high quality traditional products — without compromises!

The Technical Master at work ... 

Nigel Cabourn - Surface Jacket - Cameraman Jacket 



Nigel Cabourn 

Gitman Vintage 


Red Wing Shoes 

Natural Selection

Red Wing 2011 AW


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